Amit Shaked

CEO at Laminar
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Amit Shaked is the CEO at Laminar.

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  • "One in five publicly facing cloud storage buckets contains sensitive data. This means that legacy security infrastructure is no longer sufficient enough to defend such sensitive data. Often these exposure incidents are blamed on ‘misconfiguration,’ but more often than not it is more about misplaced data that should never have been stored in an open bucket.

    The rapid shift to the cloud has enabled organizations to quickly spin up data stores, especially in buckets or blob storage. Unfortunately, however, many companies don't have full visibility into where their sensitive data resides. This shadow data is growing, and is a top concern for 82% of data security professionals.

    Organizations must have complete observability of their data. With monitoring and control of valuable data, enterprises will have the clarity they need to keep up with today’s fast-paced, cloud environment and avoid similar exposures."

  • “As the world celebrates Data Privacy Day, it’s important to remember that there is no data privacy without data protection.

    This problem is becoming more acute as organizations adopt hybrid cloud infrastructures without ensuring effective security, privacy and governance for the data stored across vendors and clouds. Two statistics paint the story. Two-thirds (66%) of organizations store between 21%-60% of their sensitive data in the cloud and nearly half (45%) experienced a cloud-based data breach or failed audit in the last 12 months.

    IT and security teams risk exposing customers and losing intellectual property, strategic advantage, and revenues if they don’t shore up data protection as well as data privacy. Fortunately, by adopting cloud-native data security platforms, these teams can regain visibility into – and control over – their valuable data and keep it private and protected. Using a cloud data security platform provides autonomous and continuous discovery, classification, monitoring and protection of all data stored and used across platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Snowflake.”

  • “Sophisticated attacks into your network like this require a zero trust approach that employs defense in depth controls at the infrastructure and data layers. The shift to the cloud has enabled organizations to quickly spin up data stores in buckets or blob storage, and many data security and governance professionals don't have visibility into where their sensitive data lives. This unknown or 'shadow data,' is a top concern for 93% of security and governance professionals and are the prime target for cyberadversaries as they are not monitored and less protected.

    Public cloud data use is the Achilles heel of most organizations because teams simply don't have the tools they need to see, manage, and control these dynamic environments. With the right tools to monitor and control valuable data, IT and security teams can regain control, protecting valuable data resources while still freeing users to innovate at the speed of the cloud."

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