Amy Collins

Vice President Product Marketing Officer at 1E
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Amy has worked in the technology sector for 20 years. She has spent most of her career in Product roles building software products in fast growth, disruptive tech companies across a number of fields including IT infrastructure, Social Media analytics and AI. In her various roles at 1E she has been Product Manager for Shopping and launched the first versions of AppClarity. She is currently VP of Product Marketing and leads the 1E marketing team. As a transgender woman in a senior leadership role, Amy is a passionate advocate of improving diversity and inclusion within the technology sector.

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  • It was a binary choice to come out or have a successful career. Eventually I made the choice to come out, and it turned out that’s been much better than I thought. I found being authentic has enabled me to be my better self, and people have been very accepting and inclusive, and it’s drawn more junior employees to me and express their thanks that I am in a leadership position.

    28 June 2021
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