Andrew Beatty

Head of Strategy & Banking at FIS Global
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As a results-driven leader with over 30 years of fintech experience, Andrew focuses on client success, strategic and product investment planning, operational execution, profit and loss management, partner and acquisition strategy, and overall process improvement. Andrew specializes in commercializing intellectual property founded on a passion for understanding the market, product management expertise and program execution to help over-deliver on revenue, growth, expansion, and the certainty that FIS brings to it’s clients. Under Andrew’s leadership, FIS is successfully launching the flagship next-generation core banking ecosystem, which includes The Modern Banking Platform (a cloud-enabled, containerized, and open and secure API-first core platform), Code Connect (the FIS API gateway and marketplace), and a suite of market-differentiating partners for the platform (examples include loan origination, collections, distributed ledger technology, and more).

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  • Both parties must apply constructive criticism appropriately... the fintech should not blindly accept all requested changes from the incumbent bank which could quickly take both parties off course and threaten the traction needed to progress in the engagement.

  • Considering how digital banking methods are now tantamount to the normal way of managing day-to-day personal finances for most consumers, it’s clear that there are significant opportunities for banks to make digital communications a powerful differentiator and an agent of growth, as part of a seamless CX strategy.

  • Finxact brings very competent capabilities to the marketplace. From our side there’s perhaps a lack of understanding on the amount of investment that FIS has made in modernizing our technologies. Legacy isn’t always a bad word. It gives us an incumbency status with these big banks. We can take them on a journey of modernisation.

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  • FIS Global
    Head of Strategy & Banking
    started Jun 2019