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Global Head of Innovation at PPRO
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Andrew is the Global Head of Innovation at PPRO Group.

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  • Digital wallets quickly have become the dominant payment method in the APAC region and parts of Latin America, but we've yet to see digital wallets, such as pass-through, e-wallets and mobile wallets, gain significant ground in North America. With that being said, the growth of e-commerce in 2021 did increase the adoption of digital wallets slightly in North America this past year. PPRO research found that while only 22% of North American consumers in 2019 utilized digital wallets, 27% of consumers today use methods like Apple Pay and Venmo. In 2022, driven by mobile shopping experiences and the penetration of mobile throughout North America, we'll see more US consumers leaning on the easy & convenient experience of digital wallets as their main form of payment. We'll also see a drive towards digital wallets from retailers next year -- especially those looking at markets outside the United States. With rising fees from major credit card providers, moving towards alternative payment methods like digital wallets can be a way for retailers to keep costs low while providing a seamless e-commerce experience for consumers.

    3 January 2022
  • article
    3 January 2022
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