Andrew Sobko

On the record

Andrew Sobko is a well-respected, entrepreneurial business leader who has built a reputation on innovation, integrity, sustainability, environmentalism, and philanthropy. Andrew’s portfolio of professional endeavors touches multiple industries with notable successes in artificial intelligence (AI), finance, logistics, and recyclable materials. His passion for technology and driven by a philosophy of consistently delivering a superior level of value to customers, Andrew continues to explore cutting-edge business ventures that are aimed at shocking the world and making it a better place.

With an impressive portfolio of enterprises and business ventures, Andrew exemplifies determination, real-world experience, and business acumen to a robust portfolio of high-growth companies. Andrew’s business ventures leave lasting, positive impressions in both the industry and communities it serves.

Among the more notable positions held by Andrew is his role as CEO of CDL1000, a supply chain logistics company powered by groundbreaking, AI-driven transportation solutions. In this role, Andrew led the creation and implementation of pioneering solutions for the daily challenges surrounding the road, drayage-intermodal, and warehousing operations. Andrew innovated a 3PL smart logistics platform with AI-driven solutions that unite industry components and customers toward maximizing logistic opportunities.

With particular interest and aptitude for technology, Andrew adds the role of CEO of Project One Capital, a fintech venture built to power alpha-learning, artificial intelligence algorithms into the competitive world of hedge fund markets. The Project One hedge fund is a 100 percent model-driven, alpha-learning, AI algorithm designed to pinpoint market demand projections while actively applying real-time data analysis insights without human interruptions.

Much of Andrew’s professional life has been geared toward improving the status quo through quality and excellence. Before his roles with CDL100 and Project One Capital, Andrew learned the value of a strong reputation mixed with the modesty to learn from some of the most innovative business minds of today.

Andrew is passionate about deploying new technologies toward environmental causes. To this end, Andrew founded The U.S. Rubber Company. This unique enterprise focuses on processing unrecycled tire waste and repurposing elastic created from automobile scrap tires. Additionally, the company focuses on breaking down the chemical compounds, and non-biodegradable components into reusable materials for a variety of end uses. This enterprise is just one example of Andrew’s strength in combining business and global interests for a greater, cleaner environment. Andrew is a major shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Andrew entered the business world at an early age, launching his first logistics company in his early twenties and hasn’t looked back. Today, Andrew has a lifetime of accomplishments and successes but realizes his journey is just beginning. He has developed a keen sense of business acumen and launched an impressive portfolio of business ventures, all aimed toward making an impact that will change the world.

Andrew holds a Juris Doctorate but attributes his accomplishments to the teachings provided by real-life successes and failures along with several cherished mentorships with some of the world’s most influential and innovative business minds of today.

Andrew lives in Chicago with his wife and enjoys attending and promoting regional and national boxing events through his boxing promotion company and training camp, Natex Boxing Promotions. As Andrew’s main hobby and networking platform, Natex Boxing has collaborated with some of boxing world’s most notable athletes, promoters, and managers including Roy Jones Jr, Egris Klimas, Vasyl Lomachenko, and Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn. Andrew and his wife are also very involved in charitable organizations, especially those that focus on treatable mental health issues.

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