Andrew Wang

Managing Partner at Runnymede Capital Management
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Andy Wang is a Managing Partner at Runnymede Capital Management and host of Inspired Money, named by Forbes as a Top 10 Personal Finance Podcast. He has been named among the INVESTOPEDIA 100: Most Influential Advisors, Top 100 Most Social Financial Advisors by Brightscope, and has appeared on Reuters TV, Barron's, and Forbes. Runnymede is a fee-only registered investment adviser (RIA) to companies, 401(k) plans, non-profits, and individuals. Andy is married, has three children, and can be periodically found performing Hawaiian guitar in the New York tri-state area.

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  • Due to the fiscal and monetary stimulus by the federal government and by the Fed, it's likely to result in higher stock prices. So keep your asset allocation balanced.

    9 February 2021
  • There are trends in China that are worth following for long-term investing and export growth is not one of them.

    9 February 2021
  • The trend today at many companies is to offer Institutional Class, R5, or R6 (lower fee) fund shares that do not have embedded 12B-1 fees. Therefore, these funds carry the lowest annual expenses.

    9 February 2021