Andrew Wang

CEO/Co-Founder at Valon
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Andrew is the jack of all trades at Valon Mortgage. Before starting Valon Mortgage, Andrew was a principal at Soros Fund Management focused on private credit, but he also likes to point to his brief stint as an engineering intern at Google for coding street cred.

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  • We’re on the cusp of a mortgage foreclosure crisis comparable to 2008, and the majority of homeowners struggling to make their loan payments are unaware of their options. Currently, the largest mortgage servicing software controls more than half of all U.S. residential loans, effectively creating a monopoly in the market. This stranglehold has driven servicing costs up nearly 250% in the past decade, and the fees are passed on directly to the borrower. We created Valon as a challenger brand to address the extreme need for an updated, technology-enabled alternative to keep the borrower better informed.

    9 February 2021
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