Andy Green

Founder and CEO at ACME Atronomatic
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Andy Green is the Founder and CEO at ACME Atronomatic. In 2000, Andy formed an Internet-based aviation information services company, which eventually evolved into a more generic software and services company that is today known as ACME AtronOmatic. With over 50 million downloads since its inception, MyRadar's popularity and success has allowed them to create some innovative and exciting new features you might not have expected in an ordinary weather application. MyRadar is the highest rated app in the top 10 of the Weather category on iOS.

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  • Endpoint has exhibited some best-in-class route weather analysis technology, and their road condition forecasts are a natural match for MyRadar's ecosystem. We are incredibly excited to have the Endpoint team on board with us as we continue to grow and expand their system. With the proliferation of autonomous vehicles on the horizon, there are incredible opportunities for innovation in this segment of weather forecasting, and we’re incredibly energized to dive in head-first as a leader in the space. We look forward to trailblazing with future applications and services.

    9 August 2021
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