Andy Long

Chief Executive Officer at White Rock Management
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Andy is the Chief Executive Officer at White Rock Management. He has over 25 years experience in leadership, business development and regulation in the UK and European markets holding senior positions in datacentre, telecom, internet, asset management and tech VC firms with 7 years in crypto and mining infrastructure.

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  • GPUs are still in high demand to power Ethereum and other altcoin mining. Nvidia's published estimate for the percentage of traditional GPUs going to miners is in the single digits, but the true figure is likely higher than that — somewhere around 20%. Dedicated mining cards are also a larger part of the picture now. These are cards without video output that are solely for data processing. We first saw these in 2017 with the launch of dedicated Pascal architecture cards such as the P106 and P104. Now the Nvidia CMP range explicitly targets the miners — with some dedicated high-end SKUs only available to those willing to place orders in the tens of millions of dollars. The shortage in dedicated gaming cards is as much to do with simple supply and demand for the core purpose of gaming — and also “HPC” type applications where people use gaming cards for rendering and AI tasks.

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