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Former Head of Retirement at JP Morgan
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Speaker, author, and media commentator Anne Lester is on a mission to help Americans of all walks of life to achieve a safe and secure retirement.

Hailed as a “pioneer and innovator” by the esteemed financial services company Morningstar, Anne has worked on all aspects of retirement for the past 28 years. Most recently, she spent 15 years as Head of Retirement Solutions for JPMorgan Asset Management where she traveled the country and spoke to tens of thousands of investors – all while increasing the value of her business by 25% year upon year since its inception in 2005. Her travels took place while millions of Americans were undergoing wrenching financial hardship, putting their ability to save for retirement at further risk. The good news is that Anne is now in a position to meet these people where they are and help them overcome their challenges to achieving a successful retirement through promoting the key research findings of her new book, Own your future now: Retire happy on your time and target.

Anne holds patents for her progressive design to automate and simplify the retirement planning process. She is a regular contributor on an array of retirement issues for industry as well as public policy. Coverage includes CNBC, Bloomberg TV, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and countless industry publications; Barron’s featured Anne on their cover for her outstanding work. Anne’s policy-related work includes testifying for the US DOL and SEC. In partnership with AARP, she has founded the Aspen Leadership Forum on Retirement Savings whose goal is to find breakthrough solutions to Americans’ far-reaching problem of inadequate savings.

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  • There will always be bear markets. If the success or failure of your retirement plan hinges on the market being good at the moment you retire, it may be a sign that you need to think through your plan again, which might mean working longer so you have a larger nest egg.

    11 August 2022
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