Anoop Tripathi

Chief Technology Officer at Interactions, LLC
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Anoop Tripathi is the Chief Technology Officer at Interactions, a leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs). As CTO, he oversees the global product engineering and research teams using his over 25 years of expertise in engineering to advance Interactions suite of AI-powered customer experience products. Prior to Interactions, Anoop served as Senior Vice President of Engineering at Automation Anywhere. He has also held product management and engineering leadership roles spanning multiple technology and industry segments at Citrix, Netgear and 3Com.

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  • Customer service is an industry ripe for disruption, and I was drawn to Interactions by the opportunity to advance technology that is powering more natural, comfortable conversations between enterprises and their customers. I’m excited to join this talented team as we chart a new path forward for AI-powered customer experiences.

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