Arad Levertov

CEO & Co-Founder at Sunbit and 3 other companies
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A FinTech veteran, Arad leads Sunbit’s Strategy and Operations. Arad was COO of Enova International, where he successfully managed a team of 700 people in the $800M business across Product, Marketing, Strategy, HR and Operations. Prior to Enova, he ran Operations and Systems Development at Intel. He was a Major in the Israeli Navy SEALs, and received an MBA from Duke University.

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  • We really wanted to build a business for everyone. When you are creating something for the entire country, L.A. is a better place to start.

    3 January 2020
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  • Sunbit
    CEO & Co-Founder
    started Jan 2016
  • Enova International (
    COO and EVP
    Jun 2009 – Dec 2015
  • Intel
    Manufacturing Manager; Systems Developer
    Oct 2003 – Jun 2008