Arel Lidow

Co-Founder & President at Cedar
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Arel sets the strategic and technical direction for Cedar’s product line and leads the “Makers” team, which includes engineering, product, design and data science. Prior to founding Cedar in 2016, Arel was VP of product at AppNexus where he supervised the development and launch of the company’s flagship products. He was recognized as an honorary founder and received the “Founder Award” for his contributions to the company. Arel began his career as a technology associate at Bridgewater Associates, working on trading systems for the world’s largest hedge fund. He graduated from Princeton University with a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and a Certificate in Finance.

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  • As we've piloted the solution, we've seen 92% patient satisfaction ratings and a 55-second average check-in time for repeat visitors. We're pleased with these early metrics and look forward to scaling the solution for all. Over the coming years, we expect pre-visit to evolve into the backbone of the patient experience, and we will continue working closely with leading healthcare providers to build solutions that address both their needs and the needs of their patients.

    23 June 2022
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