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Head of Global Trust and Safety at SmartNews and 1 other company
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Arjun is currently the CEO and Co-Founder at SalesDuo, a leading software helping brands grow through the use of its omnichannel dashboard. The company was founded in 2018 and is dedicated to helping clients grow their business on Amazon.

Arjun is an Ex-Amazon business leader with 17 years of experience of which 10 years have been as an Entrepreneur and CEO, having successfully created and exited 2 companies, and 7 years as an executive in leading organizations handling business and delivery teams. • Successfully created and exited 2 technology companies that collectively employ over 500 professionals. • Fundraising experience from HNI's and marquee investors, provided returns of over 15X in 5 years. • Extensive travel experience across the globe and selling to CXO’s globally, including Fortune 100 companies. • Have built large-scale sales and delivery teams to cater to customers globally. • As an executive in leading software companies, have led business and delivery teams, and handled teams of up to 400 members

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  • While it appears that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages in the BNPL model for merchants, where merchants will need to evaluate the BNPL model very closely is in the ultimate economics of it. While a credit card transaction costs merchants between 1% and 3%, BNPL could cost them 3% to 7% of the transactions. Now, Merchants have to evaluate if there is ample margin to absorb this fee, as this cannot be passed on to the consumer in the form of increased pricing as that will make the merchant less favourable to the consumers in the competitive landscape. The other concerns would be around any backlash to the merchant’s online reputation with chargebacks or any BNPL fraud, and also any poor user experience to the users on the merchant’s website if there are any technical integration challenges with the BNPL service provider. With all of this in the backdrop and given the space is rapidly evolving, it would be prudent for merchants to sign up with BNPL service providers with lower exit barriers.

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