Armine Babayan

Financial Advisor at UBS Wealth Management
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I began my career in the aerospace industry, joining the engineers at SpaceX in the mission to reach Mars. By working alongside the engineers, I developed an incredibly strong work ethic as we achieved the seemingly impossible task of landing, and re-launching a rocket. My time at SpaceX instilled in me the importance of being determined, as well as setting and accomplishing goals. My past experience has enabled me to offer clients meaningful insights and perspectives – delivered with passion, integrity, as well as compassion. My lifetime goal has always been to become a financial advisor and to partner with my mother, Aida Babayan. Aida has been a financial advisor for more than two decades. Together, we have created a collaborative relationship with our clients.

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  • In the L.A. area, a number of small to midsize Silicon Beach startups are letting employees with incentive stock options cash out earlier than usual. This is a really great way for companies to attract talent and retain talent because it gives early-stage startup employees the opportunity to invest in their personal futures in line with their professional [futures].