Arthur Alexion

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Arthur joined Bohemia Interactive Simulations in 2013. He acts as the final decision maker on all non-Board matters, interfacing with Riverside (BISim’s majority owner), and setting overall strategy and operational direction. Arthur is passionate about maximizing the use of VBS, TerraSim products and BISim’s newly launched VBS Blue IG product. Arthur is proud of BISim’s ability to deliver to our customers innovative and highly cost-effective simulation software solutions for their complex training use cases. He obsessively works to support a company culture which creates an exciting and positive place for all staff to work and which lives up to BISim’s “innovation, disruption, humility” DNA.

Arthur has deep experience in growing entrepreneurial companies and over the past 15 years has been either senior executive or board member in a number of highly successful entrepreneurial enterprises in the media and technology fields. Prior to his first entrepreneurial venture, Arthur worked for McKinsey & Company, the world’s premier consulting firm, and for Price Waterhouse. Arthur has an MBA with distinction from INSEAD France, and a first class mathematics degree from Durham University.