Arthur Cheong

Founder and Portfolio Manager at DeFiance Capital
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Arthur is one of the top crypto investors specifically in the DeFi space with a unique background spanning startup, oil trading, and cryptoasset. He is the Founding Partner of DeFiance Capital, a cryptoasset investment fund combining fundamental research & active involvement approach based in Singapore. Arthur is featured as one of the top DeFi investors by The Block Research, a leading research firm in the crypto space. Arthur has a deep understanding of cryptoeconomics specifically around system incentives design and token value capture.

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  • Furucombo has been a fantastic product we have been monitoring since inception. We are delighted to back Hsuan-Ting and the team who have shown considerable executional prowess in developing Furucombo. We believe that for DeFi adoption to reach mass scale, the current user experience needs to be improved tremendously. Furucombo’s focus on providing an enhanced UI/UX to interact with multiple DeFi protocols without the need for coding knowledge cements its value proposition as a core pillar within the DeFi ecosystem.

    15 August 2021
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    15 August 2021
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