Ashton Wolfe

Managing Partner at MohrWolfe
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Entering crypto in 2015, Ashton helped and built the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the world by 2017. Afterward, he joined a full-stack marketing company as a growth hacker and BDO to later be exposed to Ethereum and upcoming decentralized tech. Moreover, Ashton's colorful crypto adventure shifted towards setting up an offshore bank account for UHNWI and leading crypto funds, helping them obtain bank accounts and provide fiat rails for their business. He later left and started MohrWolfe, a leading marketing and consulting firm in the crypto industry helping companies like HEX and Aavegotchi acquire the exposure they deserve. He also dabbles in GameFi, making Crypto Fight Club his 2nd game creation.

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  • A lot of people are very enticed by the whole aspect of earning while they play. It’s a form of entertainment and ultimately a form of inspiration as well to figure out ways to monetize your time while you’re either staying at home, or you’re going on a bathroom break and want to play a five minute videogame on your phone or on your laptop.