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Asit Sharma is a CPA & CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and a Motley Fool analyst specializing in restaurant, consumer goods, and retail stocks.

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  • 10/09/21
    Article Title: 6 reasons this is a fresh multiyear bull market and 6 stocks in the surprising sector you should favor

    While many retail sector investors are awed by the power of AMZN, -1.28% and Walmart WMT, -1.10%, Motley Fool retail sector analyst Asit Sharma favors niche chains that have mastered the “direct to consumer” sales model. They offer great stores and solid products, but also the mix of delivery options that shoppers want – including in-store pickup of items bought online.

    “The retail sector gets a perennial bad rap because everyone is focused on yesterday’s story, that Amazon and Walmart are taking out all physical stores,” says Sharma. But that’s not the case. Many retailers provide a mix of excellent in-store experiences and unique products that the two retail giants can’t really offer.

    Here, Sharma cites Lululemon Athletica LULU, -1.01%. “We love the fact that the company spends on its own research and development innovation on the fabric side.” Stores give consumers a chance to check out the custom fabrics in person.

    Sharma also favors Yeti Holdings YETI, -0.29%, which sells coolers, “drinkware” and outdoor equipment. For a larger cap name, consider the popular retail giant Target TGT, +0.47% for its “everything under one roof” approach to retail.

    15 September 2022