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CEO & Co-Founder of WalkOut at WalkOut
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Assaf Gedalia is the Founder and CEO of WalkOut. He worked as LSI verification manager and Design Engineer at INUITIVE, and as a Research assistant at Hebrew University. He graduated from The Hebrew University with a bachelor's degree in Microelectronics, Optoelectronics and Computer engineering.

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  • WalkOut delivers very high accuracy — we're above 99% because cameras are positioned at different angles to identify products. You see everything you bought by weight, by price ... If you identify a mistake, you can delete it. You can call for help. Everything can be sorted out on screen. You can add products. You can change quantities. Imagine that you're walking in an aisle, and we can give you a promotion that's based on your location, but that's just scratching the surface. We can see that you have a few products that can be part of a recipe — maybe we can offer a recipe. Maybe we identify that you're cooking dinner. Maybe it's an event you'd like wine with.

    27 June 2021
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    CEO & Co-Founder of WalkOut