Atticus LeBlanc

Founder and CEO at PadSplit
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Atticus is the founder and CEO of PadSplit. He has been an affordable housing advocate and investor since 2008, when he began acquiring distressed single-family homes in Southwest Atlanta.

PadSplit was founded in 2017 and is solving the affordable housing crisis, one room at a time. Through an innovative shared housing model, PadSplit aligns incentives so property owners can increase their profits, while providing safe and affordable housing to working class individuals and families. PadSplit currently operates in several cities throughout the U.S. It has raised $14.6M in financing from an array of social impact investors.

Atticus serves on the board of trustees for Campfire GA and the advisory board for The Creatives Project. He is an active member of the Buckhead Rotary Club of Atlanta and volunteers regularly with ULI’s Urban Plan Education Initiative and TAPs Committee.

He graduated from Yale University in 2002 with a BA in Architecture and Urban Studies and was a 2017 graduate from ULI’s Center for Leadership. He currently lives in Atlanta with his wife, their 4 boys, 2 dogs, and lots of chickens.

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  • Now, we’re in a situation where we need much more housing supply. We’ve needed it for a long time, and we still need the ability to create more housing much faster. Single-family zoning remains the biggest single obstacle standing in the way of rapid and cost-effective housing creation. Land-use professionals and policymakers inside local governments across the country know the history of these regulations. They know that these ancient policies were designed for a different era, for a completely different set of problems and for a completely different demographic of nuclear families that no longer exist. But, like zombies, these regulations are hard to kill. They’re also scary to confront — especially for elected officials.

    13 May 2021
  • “Every zoning law in America was based on a system that had no racial equity. We’re still battling those vestiges that exist in almost every jurisdiction,” he says.

    13 May 2021
  • “Frontline workers who didn’t have a shot at finding affordable housing close to work before now do,” said Atticus LeBlanc, PadSplit CEO. “People who serve our communities deserve to have an opportunity to live in them.”

    13 May 2021
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