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Co-founder & CEO at Taxbit and 1 other company
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Austin co-founded TaxBit after closely following the legal and tax regulations behind cryptocurrency. The IRS has clearly defined cryptocurrency as property, meaning that cost basis associated with each and every movement of cryptocurrency must be tracked and gains/losses reported to the IRS. TaxBit's platform automates this process for Enterprises, Consumers, and Governments.

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  • We'll have long-term real estate strategies in Seattle just because our growth here is going to be exponential. This (space) is going to help us scale up in Seattle until the end of the year, but our growth is going to obviously keep on continuing, and we'll be looking to the long-term real estate strategy.

  • The digital asset space experienced a watershed moment during the pandemic, resulting in an accelerated push toward digital payments and alternative stores of value. The momentum of adoption across the digital economy is quickly becoming the new normal among the traditional financial institutions and disruptors.

  • So, no longer if you have a bot trading in the background, do you need to worry about racking up a big tax bill when it comes to preparing your taxes. We’ve removed the concept of transaction limits, which no one in the industry has ever done.

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