Autumn Beam MS, ACN, CNS, LDN

Chief Nutrition Officer (CNO) at Hope Wellness, LLC in Los Angeles
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Autumn Beam is the founder of Hope Wellness a national clinical nutrition and functional wellness company based in Los Angeles, CA. After her own personal battle spanning two decades with the western healthcare system, Autumn made it her mission to find answers for herself and for others in the same situation. In this journey, she discovered functional medicine, which investigates the root cause of chronic illnesses, metabolic imbalances and nutritional deficiencies to get the client back to an optimal state of wellness in the most natural way possible. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition with an emphasis in Functional Nutrition and has obtained her certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition and nationally recognized certification as a Certified Nutritional Specialist. She is also a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Passionate about sharing her story and her message, she is an engaging speaker who has been featured as a special guest on nationally broadcast shows.

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  • "Why don't I focus on weight loss in my practice? Weight is simply a symptom, not the problem. We treat weight in the healthcare industry like it's the cause of diseases and my clients' doctors tell them this all the time. It's NOT the problem, it is a symptom of what your body is doing and how it's behaving. Whether that's a result of an imbalance in a bodily system or with energy intake, weight is the resulting impact of that issue. When we find the root cause of the issue and correct it, the symptom improves."

  • "Stress can prevent your body from absorbing nutrients, or it uses the nutrients to process the stress hormones out of our bodies. These same nutrients are needed to prevent certain diseases."

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