Avrell Stokes

Co-Founder and Head of Philanthropy at Assemble.BeGreat
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Avrell Stokes is the co-founder of Assemble, an educational platform of career and personal development courses from expert BIPOC instructors designed to help young people and life-long learners grow into and navigate current professional fields and life. Avrell has seen and experienced the hardships of communities of color seeking to advance beyond the historical misrepresentation of their potential and environment. He received his Master of Public Health degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2012. He continued within the healthcare arena, analyzing and implementing hospital policies, as well as, working to design hospital clinics that would best serve patients, within an intricately evolving health system. His passion for innovation and people, led him to pursue a career in health information technology consulting and eventually, a transition to the nonprofit sector, to impact the lives of youth and disinvested community members. His passion and involvement in community driven solutions began in Summer 2009, when he worked with experienced advocates to go through Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana with a small camera crew documenting issues around poverty. In partnership with local community leaders in his now home city of Kansas City, Missouri, he established a non-profit that focuses on building resources and presence towards economic, social, and environmental factors impacting disinvested communities. As president and co-founder of BeGreat’s nonprofit, BeGreatTogether, he sees an unprecedented opportunity to uplift current community leaders within our neighborhoods, as well as future leaders within our K-12 public schools, who inspire movements and guide transformation. In his free time, Avrell enjoys reading and running.

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