Avrell Stokes

Founder and President at BeGreatTogether
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Avrell Stokes, Co-founder of Assemble and President of BeGreatTogether, sees an unprecedented opportunity to inspire movements and guide transformation by uplifting current community leaders within our neighborhoods and build future leaders by investing in our public K-12 schools. With a background in the healthcare arena, analyzing and implementing hospital policies to best serve patients within an intricately evolving health system, Stokes received his Master of Public Health degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2012. His passion for innovation and people led him to pursue a career in health information technology consulting and eventually led to a transition to the nonprofit sector to best impact the lives of youth and disinvested communities. In partnership with local community advocates in Kansas City, he has established a nonprofit that assigns resources and builds awareness to economic, social, and environmental factors impacting disinvested communities. Stokes also serves as a cross-state, nonprofit director for those facing mental health or behavioral health challenges.

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