Barry Kirby

Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder at Union Credit
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Barry Kirby is co-founder and chief revenue officer of Union Credit and has an extensive background in finance and financial services technology. His career has spanned across many areas of business, including business development/sales, introduction and maturation of Credit Union fintech products, product development and process implementation, ownership of strategic channel partnerships, client management, marketing, underwriting and risk assessment, to most recently architectural design of a leading Loan Origination System.

Barry holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and remains very active in the Charlotte community, serving as Vice Chair of the Supervisory Committee for Charlotte Metro Credit Union as well as being actively involved in Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Charlotte.

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  • "If a seamless, digital journey is the goal for your credit union, you’re already behind. The digital experience has evolved, and members no longer need to go on a journey to get to their destination."

  • "A key benefit of the CuneXus platform, is that it allows credit unions to guarantee credit to specific members, avoiding the deflating experience of being rejected for a loan after the member has been invited to apply as part of a typical preapproval campaign. Sending [invitations to apply] to more people might yield more business on the books, but if it’s sabotaging the member experience in the process, then your long-term value proposition for your membership base is very thin."

  • "Members have proven they’re not afraid to walk away when their expectations aren’t met. And if credit unions want to compete with big techs and larger banks, they must provide a sense of support, convenience and personalization. The industry has a chance to win over a new generation of business with such progressive strategies. Credit unions have the local, caring and altruistic positioning that people want, now it’s time to add the convenience and next-level service that can outshine financial alternatives. It’s time to end the journey."

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