Ben Adams

CEO and Founder at Ten Capital Management
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Benjamin Adams is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Ten Capital Management. He launched the company in 2011 and is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of all firm activities. Ben spent over 20 years in business, government, and law. Ben was a Portfolio Manager with The Townsend Group, where he oversaw $1.7 billion in private equity real estate assets under management within the firm’s discretionary investment management (fund of funds) business, and was actively involved in product development and structuring.

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  • We have long believed in a demographic shift as millennials age, create families and contemplate a life beyond the micro-unit. We believe that Covid-19 is an accelerant to that structural shift as employees migrate to areas with lower cost of living and higher quality of life, and as companies seek access to labor across multiple markets.

    1 May 2021
  • The adoption of the hub-and-spoke model is real. We are seeing it manifest in our portfolio across multiple markets across the country. We are pleasantly surprised to see a significant increase in leasing activity in our suburban locations as we turn the corner towards people returning to work, innovation and social connectivity.

    1 May 2021
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