Ben Metz

CTO / CDO at Jack Henry & Associates
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CTO / CDO at Jack Henry & Associates (NASDAQ:JKHY), a leading SaaS provider of technology solutions for the financial services industry.

The S&P 500 company serves approximately 8,500 clients nationwide. It provides human-centered, tech-forward, and insight-driven solutions that empower community and regional financial institutions to compete with megabanks and bigtech. Additional information is available at 

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  • Many consumers now have relationships with between 30 and 40 financial service providers — the majority of which are unchartered. That fragmentation creates complexity for the consumer and compromises financial health. It also presents financial institutions with an opportunity to achieve first-app status by aggregating all of their consumers' third-party providers and simplifying money management. To do that, financial institutions must be fully connected into the open banking ecosystem by way of safe, secure, reliable connections to third-parties.

    7 January 2022
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