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Ben Reinberg is Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies, LLC and as such, provides overall strategic and investment direction and leadership to the firm. He is a respected authority on commercial real estate acquisition and investment as well as the development and structuring of transactions. He is well-versed in 1031 Exchanges and assessing the needs of investment capital. Ben brings value to the deal process through his ability to build trust quickly, raise equity efficiently, solve problems, and bridge the gap between Buyers and Sellers. Ben has authored and published numerous articles pertaining to the trade.

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  • Sale-leasebacks have become increasingly popular for businesses looking to raise equity and untether their balance sheets. It can be an especially valuable tool for medical providers seeking a capital infusion to expand or improve their practice. There’s nothing more attractive for real estate investment dollars than high-growth, high-density population centers. That’s particularly true for healthcare properties, since everyone needs medical care.