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VP of Data Curiosity at Domo
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Ben has been making a mess with data for more than 20 years, leading business intelligence (BI), analytics and finance teams. He is an expert in user adoption and implementing large-scale BI and analytics initiatives. Ben spent ten years breaking and making things at U.S. retailer Target Corporation before joining Domo in 2018 where, as Vice President of Data Curiosity, he works to spark the fire of data curiosity in enterprises large and small across the world.

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  • As the world starts to see light at the end of the tunnel from this global pandemic, our team looked at additional ways to leverage data for public good. Today’s update meant finding sources that would help others quickly understand how worldwide vaccination data can impact their communities and the rapidly changing environment.

    22 October 2021
  • Data is a very emotional thing, and data governance is part data therapy in a lot of ways. A big piece of data governance is mitigating that fear and giving the confidence to explore.

    22 October 2021
  • The Domo platform was designed to encourage and empower data curiosity and exploration. Domo’s work with the Coronavirus Tracker has shown the power of smart data insights shared with the public and our customer base, and the Election Tracker is an extension of the work Domo has done around the state of 2020. By taking static data around polling, campaign contributions and COVID-19 activity, Domo brings that data together in a consumable, intuitive and accessible format. It is our hope that users can interact with this data with curiosity, creativity and objectivity.

    12 November 2020
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