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Bernard Meyer is the Senior Researcher at CyberNews. He has a strong passion for security in popular software, maximizing privacy online, and keeping an eye on governments and corporations. He's been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Wired, Mirror, TechRadar and more. You can usually find him on Twitter arguing with someone about something moderately important.

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  • Unfortunately, in light of the loopholes or easily-bypassed security measures from Facebook, PayPal and the banks themselves, everyday people will have to be more vigilant in how they behave online. Because of that, we recommend users get two-factor authentication (2FA) set up on their PayPal and Facebook’s account, and it’s better to use an authenticator app rather than those websites’ default 2FA. When it comes to your online activities, it really is much better to be safe rather than sorry.

    5 January 2021
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    5 January 2021
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    Senior Researcher
    started Sep 2019