Beth Bannerman

Chief Engagement & Sustainability Officer at Amyris
On the record

Beth Bannerman is the chief engagement and sustainability officer for Amyris, a biotech company that creates natural and sustainable ingredients for use in consumer brands. Currently, Beth leads an integrated team to introduce the company’s first Environmental, Social, and Governance report, as part of the company’s commitment to the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

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  • Consumers will reward companies with their loyalty for responding by giving consumers better-tasting sweetness and healthier alternatives to sugar. In the US alone, however, more than 34 million people are living with diabetes and more than 88 million more Americans have prediabetes. The total costs of diagnosed diabetes in the US is US$327 billion. The opportunity is clear and present right here, at home, which is where we are putting our initial focus.

    9 July 2021
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    9 July 2021
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    Chief Engagement & Sustainability Officer