Beth Goldstein

Founder, Mohs Surgeon at Central Dermatology Center and 1 other company
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As a dermatologist serving Sanford, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC, Beth focuses on treating skin cancers and emphasize providing the best experience and outcome possible for the patient. With more than 21 years of dermatology experience, she have developed a focus on surgical dermatology, including Mohs surgery. It is Beth's passion to educate patients about not only the prevention of skin cancer, but also its early detection when treatment is much more effective and less disfiguring. She also focuses on educating patients about avoiding further sun damage to their skin.

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  • It turns out that blue light from screens is not as worrisome as we once thought but visible light containing blue light in the environment continues to be of concern. We also know that this same light alone without any additional medications can cause redness, increased irregular pigmentation in particular in darker skin types, cause oxidative stress, some photoaging and can aggravate certain skin diseases that are light sensitive including reactions to certain medications

    28 November 2022
  • Components of coffee grounds have proven to have benefits such as reducing ultraviolet radiation (UVB) induced damage, vascular issues, especially in the under-eye area, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and contain robust antioxidants. Additional properties include the ability to reduce the breakdown of elastin and collagen. Scrubs versus leave-on products have not been studied extensively. Therefore claims for these effects must be considered. Those with oily skin and comedonal acne (blackheads) may be the best candidates for using this type of skin care regimen.

    28 November 2022
  • Unscented is a term used with cosmetic products to inform the consumer that the product has no discernible fragrance

    28 November 2022