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Bhavin Turakhia CEO and Co-Founder at Serial entrepreneur and billionaire, Bhavin is driven by a passion for problem-solving through technology-led innovations. In the last 22 years, he has built 5 successful businesses, all driven by his belief that “It is our moral obligation to make an impact that is proportionate to our potential”. At 17, he co-founded Resellerclub, Logicboxes and BigRock, which he exited in a $160mn transaction in 2014. Today, along with Zeta, he is also heading Radix — a leading registry for top-level extensions and Flock — a suite of productivity apps.

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  • Along the way we discovered that a large part of the problem is that there are so many vendors offering different and disconnected solutions that it's almost impossible for a bank to work with all of them in unison to create new experiences for its customers. It (Zeta) is fully developed from the ground up and is cloud native, with 100 per cent API coverage.

    10 September 2021
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    10 September 2021
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