Bhupinder Farmaha, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Nutrient Management Specialist at Clemson University
On the record

Soil Fertility & Nutrient Management Specialist. The primary objective of my research is to find best agriculture management practices to increase the crop production systems while preserving soil health and water quality. The second objective is to transfer this knowledge to producers and students through extension and conventional and online education methods.

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  • In the last century, U.S. agriculture has seen a big shift from highly diversified low-input agricultural production systems to highly specialized systems that dramatically increase yields with intensive use of synthetic fertilizers. Despite record yields in recent years, the farm profitability of production agriculture in the U.S. is stressed due to low commodity prices and increases in fertilizer costs. For this reason, there has been a gradual decline in acreage in cropland and pastureland. In order to fulfill our commitment to a sustainable future and ensure food security for a growing global population, we need to restore and enhance soil health that supports agriculture production.

    12 December 2021
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