Bill Goldie

Sales Director - Redshaw Advisors at Plannet Zero
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Bill Goldie, Head of Offsetting for Plannet Zero, has been a keen environmentalist since 2003 when he set up electronic component refurbishing operations in Asia, Mexico and Brazil. Bill started working in the carbon markets in 2010 establishing Carbon350’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) origination and brokerage division. He worked with various project developers in Asia registering over 30 CDM projects.

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  • Historically, the voluntary carbon market has been difficult for businesses, especially SMEs, to access and there hasn’t been transparency when it comes to access to projects and pricing. Many organisations are making net zero commitments without properly understanding what this truly means. Our aim is to demystify the low carbon journey and provide confidence through introducing products and services that nurture a culture of emissions reductions with a focus on education.

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