Bill Roberson

Founder & President at INCA – Integrity Galapagos
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Owner and CEO if INCA (International Nature & Cultural Adventures), Bill Roberson, is an avid traveler, educator, and sportsman who has worn many hats throughout his storied life. From educating the children of American soldiers stationed in France in the 1950s to teaching physics and working on nuclear research experiments at UC Berkley in the 1960s, Bill has always had a passion for education and for the natural world. However, it wasn’t until he served on the ski patrol at Squaw Valley during the 1960 Winter Olympic Games, where he met Argentine Olympic skier Oswaldo Acinas, that he was inspired to explore South America. After a trip to Perú fueled his love of adventure travel and his fascination with the wild, Bill eventually went on to found Inca Floats in 1976 with his two daughters, becoming a licensed naturalist guide in the Galápagos by 1978. Since then, his company has been renamed to INCA to reflect its adventures outside of South America, and has been providing educational tours through Africa, Alaska, Antarctica, Turkey, the Galápagos Islands, Peru, and Patagonia in Chile and Argentina ever since. Bill has served tirelessly to ensure all INCAs clients have a life-changing experience, but when not traveling or crafting trips, Bill enjoys the symphony, cooking, skiing, rafting, hiking, and introducing friends to new destinations. ​