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President, Trustwave Government Solutions at Trustwave
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Bill joined Trustwave as Vice President, Trustwave Government Solutions in March, 2010 as a result of the company’s acquisition of Intellitactics. Bill was named the President of Trustwave Government Solutions in September of 2015. In addition to 18 years of experience in public-sector sales, Bill brings over 20+ years of business and industry expertise gained from executive-level sales positions within the IT and Information Security industries.

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  • The Biden administration has been taking a proactive approach to engage both the public and private sectors on cybersecurity to keep critical data and infrastructure safe from rising foreign and domestic threats. The recommendations from the Biden administration echo what all organizations need to keep in mind during this time – the cyber fundamentals are absolutely paramount. Organizations need to take ownership of their cyber posture outside of regulations and mandates by actively assessing their security gaps and seeking experts who can help them mitigate cyber risk and increase their cyber defense capabilities. Organizations must do the cyber basics well and do them consistently while taking a proactive approach to threat hunting and data protection. One area that we frequently see organizations deficient in is database security. Databases that are not properly secured with risk mitigation and compensation controls are particularly susceptible to attack or infiltration. The longer that organizations continue to treat databases like a traditional workstation or server, the more susceptible they are to compromise or ransom.

    15 April 2022
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    President, Trustwave Government Solutions