Bina Khan

Makeup Artist + Co-Founder at Just B Cosmetics
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As a respected makeup artist and teacher for more than 25 years, Bina’s unique take on Pakistani bridal makeup has earned her craft a loyal following — the strongest characteristic of which is a celebration of South Asian skin tones. She has been flown all over the world by brides who could not imagine anyone but Bina doing their makeup for their big day.

After recognizing a blank space in the market for cosmetics that worked well with South Asian skin tones, Bina decided to take matters into her own hands. Now that vision is a reality. It's Just B!

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  • We're trying to make everybody, whether you're fair, whether you're white, brown, green, a girl or whatever gender, I don't care — everybody should have the facility of waking up in the morning and going I'm fine, I'm beautiful, I'm awesome or if you're not feeling great, have a product that says yes you are, just put me on, I got you.

    4 September 2022
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