Bob Beckler

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at TemperPack
On the record

Bob is a deeply experienced executive in specialty chemicals, materials, packaging, and paper. Since joining in 2017 as Executive Chairman, he has supported TemperPack in building its strategy, organization, and capabilities. Bob was named CEO of TemperPack in July 2021. Bob is former President at Westrock, serves on the Board of Visitors of the Graduate School at Duke University, in addition to leadership roles on additional company and volunteer boards.

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  • The [COVID-19] pandemic has had the effect of pushing forward years of growth. ClimaCell is the core product that has propelled the growth of the business. It is the most environmentally friendly, high-performing material to replace Styrofoam for cold-chain packaging. That product continues to experience explosive demand.

    6 December 2021
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