Bob Bilbruck

CEO at Captjur
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Bob Bilbruck is Founder and CEO of B2 Group and Captjur a strategic consulting and business services firm, a Visionary Advisor, Business Strategist, Investor, Published Author (Analyst) & Technologist.

Mr. Bilbruck is well versed on many topics including emerging technologies, connected health, wellness, fitness, aging and pharma, IoT and Mobility, eCommerce, PaaS, SaaS, AR/VR, Metaverse, finance and economy, real estate, gig economy models, channels and emerging digital channels

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  • “The metaverse is the real world virtualized,” Bob Bilbruck, CEO at tech consulting firm Captjur, told TheWrap. “Most of the time the metaverse will be an overlay on your real life and activities. Everything from banking, to learning, to entertainment, to commuting, to doing business, interacting with friends, gaming will all be enhanced through the metaverse, and eventually the two will seamlessly merge where you will not be able to tell if you’re in the real world or metaverse world.”

    21 January 2022
  • Ultralight Headsets Could Finally Make VR Comfortable
    Smaller chips and diamond frames may be on the way

    "Lightweight design is essential because as people use these devices in their everyday life, no one is going to want the size of the current VR and AR glasses," Bob Bilbruck, CEO of VR firm Captjur, told Lifewire in an email interview. "The Metaverse is an overlay of the real world and your digital world, and you will be able to seamlessly go between the two for services, entertainment, banking, experiences, etc. and the lightweight design is essential for this adoption."

    13 January 2022
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