Robert Burns

Chief Product Security Officer at Thales
On the record

Robert is an Executive-level Engineer functioning across multiple industries as a security software and hardware product expert. He is a solid leader and communicator. Bob is an effective Consultant, able to negotiate product specifications, market demands, and organizational capabilities to find viable solutions and actions. He is also able to direct and coach teams to build solutions and implement technology to support business growth and profitability. Bob is skilled in architecting, designing and implementing highly specialized, cryptographic and information security technologies for commercial applications.

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  • And, just as over the last year washing our hands became something we do for the common good, the first step to blocking ransomware is some basic cyber hygiene. This runs from acknowledging and preparing for the threat, hardening your systems, segmenting your network, and making sure all your data is encrypted – ultimately making the ransomware merchant’s own encryption, or exfiltration, plans pointless.

    10 December 2021
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