Bob Glotfelty

Chief Growth Officer at Taulia
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As Vice President of Growth, Bob is responsible for driving adoption of the Taulia platform by its supplier customers. In his role, Bob oversees the outreach, marketing and customer success teams who ensure suppliers of all sizes realize the benefits of early payment and transaction visibility.

Prior to joining Taulia in 2014, Bob was responsible for M&A at Bottomline Technologies and founded a marketing technology startup. Outside of work, Bob is an avid runner on a journey to complete a half marathon in every state.

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  • There are rare cases where a third-party finance provider pays suppliers on their contractually agreed payment term, but allows the buyer to make the final repayment later than the agreed term with their suppliers at a higher cost.

  • In many sectors, large corporate buyers rolled out SCF programmes in new geographies in a bid to help struggling suppliers, both because they wanted to do the right thing and because they knew that losing a critical supplier could shut down their whole production.

  • The bigger suppliers might be able to set up API integration within that system, and automatically transmit data that way. But the mid-segment suppliers that might be sending a few dozen or a hundred invoices a month might not feel that kind of integration is fully justified.

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