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Bob is the CEO of Conversus. He has three decades of experience in the private markets and has led investment teams for global firms in both the general partner and limited partner role. He has served as the CEO of two publicly-traded companies focused on expanding private market access for high net worth investors. Prior to Conversus, Bob was the CEO of OHA Investment Corporation, a publicly-traded specialty finance company. Previously, he co-founded Conversus Capital, the largest publicly traded fund of third-party private equity funds with $3 billion of AUM and served as its CEO. Previously, Mr. Long led Bank of America’s $7 billion strategic capital division. Early in his career, he served as the lead in-house counsel for a large portion of Bank of America’s Investment Banking Division and worked as a securities lawyer for a major law firm.

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  • We believe we can provide most of illiquidity premium of private assets in a very fair fee structure that delivers returns to investors that are attractive on a risk adjusted basis that provides diversification.

    16 March 2021