Robert Levi Thompson/Bob The Agent

On the record

Bob Thompson was born on friday the 13th in 1972. Born and raised in Virginia.
In His 50 years of living Bob has survived a quadruple bypass and 4 major Job Changes.
A chemist in his former life Bob Transitioned into Real estate at the age of 35.
Now at age 50 Bob is on a mission to share his Knowledge to a younger generation.
To Remind them that life does not end at age 30 and they can change their life using his method of persistent progress and a willingness to never give up on your dreams. Bob spends his time mentoring and coaching, while continuing his real estate practice. Giving real life personal examples of success and failure. In the hopes that young people everywhere can learn from him. And he can continue to learn from them.

15 plus years as a top level Real Estate Agent in Hampton Roads.

Been in several movies on amazon prime. Always a fun time.

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