Brad Greenwood

Associate Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management Sciences at George Mason University School of Business
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Brad Greenwood is an expert in intended and unintended consequence of innovation, and how access to the resulting information affects welfare at the interface between business, technology, and social issues; notably in the contexts of healthcare and entrepreneurship. He has done research on digital platforms, such as Uber, and their impact on policy and privacy. He’s an economist by training so he looks at unintended spillovers and how policy can change those results. Brad also has extensive knowledge of public population health and published a report on the high mortality risk Black babies face under the care of White doctors in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Greenwood has been featured in ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Guardian, USA Today, Insider, Forbes, Becker's Hospital Review, Health Leaders Media, Washington’s Top News, Science News, and

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  • First, pragmatically, the disproportionately White physician workforce makes this untenable because there are not enough Black physicians to service the entire population. Second, it avoids the actual problem, because it doesn’t resolve the foundational concern of disparities in care, that is, if every family did this the disparities in care wouldn’t go away.

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