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Brad Haller is a senior partner in West Monroe Partners’ Mergers & Acquisitions practice, leading the firm’s extensive capabilities in post-merger integration. A trusted advisor to many private equity firms and strategic buyers, he has led more than 500 M&A transactions in the last decade.

Brad can speak to dealmaking, deals, M&A, mergers, acquisitions, acquisition, private equity, PE, portfolio companies, portcos, diligence, tech diligence, value creation, antitrust, DOJ, Department of Justice, transactions, takeovers, and more.

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  • Looking at Warner Bros. Discovery’s portfolio, CNN seems like the most noncore asset — and if a company is looking to pay down debt that’s where it often looks first for a sale.

  • Given the horsepower that the DOJ is throwing at this, like they're looking for something concrete to be done, or I don't think they would settle for a settlement.

  • The Cigna-Express Scripts deal is essentially a replication of what UnitedHealth has done. The government doesn’t want to be negotiating with someone of that scale in Medicare.

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