Brad Hill

Division President, Digital at SkillGigs, Inc.
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Brad has over 24 years of global experience in design, construction, and execution in business development, executive leadership, operations, general management, and strategic consulting within the IT Solutions & Staffing industry. He has a focus on people, process, and performance with an emphasis on sales & delivery enablement, organizational change, value translation, branding, and business performance optimization. As SkillGigs Digital’s president, Brad’s leadership role is critical to the continual development of our technology talent network and the client seeking out talent in a competitive market.

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  • “The viewpoint that remote workers are disposable stems from the fact that some enterprises view remote workers as less valuable than their in-office peers, said Brad Hill…. The notion that anyone or any type of worker can be easily disposed of is a gross misstatement to someone’s ability.”

  • "Tech staffing has changed a lot in the last 25 years. In the early days, there were already large outsourcing organizations particularly originating out of India that was exporting talent – early early days of the late 90s early 2000s. And you know whether we realized it or not, it was an introduction to remote work, distributed work particularly for outsourcing. One of the big requirements at that time was that it was kind of a closed off distributed network of talent that didn’t really leverage video conferencing and other things that we’ve come to utilize today. So there was a demand to access great talent at a cost contained kind of structure but at the same time it was very distributed."

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