Bren Briggs

VP of DevOps and CyberSecurity at Hypergiant
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Bren is a seasoned security and operations engineer with experience in environments ranging from the hostile and unforgiving deserts of war zones in Southwest Asia to the data centers of Research Triangle Park and everything in-between. He is also a Linux evangelist, security enthusiast, and preacher of the good word of devops. Bren is a natural teacher, mentor, and servant-leader who actively invests his time building communities and technology that truly matters.

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  • I think the first thing that we learned [is] that I think it’s an understatement to say that space is hard, but it really is … and a lot of it had to do with just government and logistics. We learned that it is difficult a lot of times to just to find a way to get into space and then, once you’re there, how you operate in the conditions that you’re in and how you could even communicate with your satellite is just a logistical adventure on top of all of the other engineering problems that you have while you’re on low Earth orbit.

    4 August 2021
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