Brent D. Dickerson

Owner + Financial Advisor at Over Coffee Financial and 1 other company
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I am a CFP professional and Enrolled Agent. I specialize in financial planning, investment management, and tax planning. I have a Master's degree in Personal Financial Planning and owner of Over Coffee Financial in Cleveland, OH.

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  • A certificate of deposit will give you a better return than a checking account. For example, you can secure a one-year CD today with a 1.25 percent return or a five-year term for a 2.25 percent return.

  • You can maximize the returns on your $10,000 even if you expect to need those funds in the near future.

  • For assets other than cash, like cars, boats, houses, land, antiques, paintings, manuscripts, etc., the documentation becomes much more complicated, with many of these items requiring a certified appraisal. So giving things other than cash should always come with the caveat that the donor should contact their accountant, attorney or financial advisor.

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