Bret Greenstein

SVP and Global Head of AI & Analytics, Cognizant at Cognizant and 1 other company
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A leader in AI and Data, applying them to drive digital transformation across industries. A passionate innovator and business leader who delivers business growth, accelerates new technologies, and transforms his clients and organization. Powerful and effective communicator who inspires his organization and delivers clear messages to the market. Adept at working across cultures and with clients from the largest enterprises to the smallest, most nimble startups.

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  • After COVID, firms are not going back to the old, unproductive ways of working. Now that they are forecasting daily, they will not return to monthly. Executives realise that real-time access to data and the use of AI and ML for forecasting and planning makes you that much more efficient and resilient. Once the bar has been raised on efficiency, companies will keep going with fewer people to preserve margins and stay competitive.

    9 February 2021
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    9 February 2021
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